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Do you find it hard to hire some moving company for transporting all your stuff to your new home? Is it hard to decide on what virtues to look for in the company you are hiring for your move to Dallas rentals? Here are some steps that you should follow to make sure that you find reliable movers in Dallas to make sure that your move goes smoothly.

First of all, you need to decide on the sort of company you need for your moves, like a relocation service provider, local mover, interstate mover, trucking service, household shipper or pack-and-stack service. Once you have decided on what you need, it’s now time for you to talk to your neighbors, friends, and the co-workers to get some personal warnings and recommendations.

Once you have your recommendations with you on moving companies, Dallas, it’s now time to call some of them. Ask them since when they have been working in this industry and what kind of experience is possessed by their drivers and packers. Also ask them whether they provide storage services as well whether or not they are licensed to carry out the interstate moves.

Verify that whether the moving company is regulated and licensed or not. Here a query with the state agencies that regulate the transportation services will be enough for you. This will make sure that you put your hands on a reliable service provider whose services are usually guaranteed.

Ask whether the moving company you are looking into is the member of some trade organization or not. Such a membership of the moving company will allow you to make sure that if there is some dispute at the end of the day then it can be resolved. Also, check with the local BBB to see if there have been any complaints filed against that company. If not, then they are quite safe to go with.

Finally, narrow down the choices that you have and then ask for the estimates from several companies. Get the best deal and choose your mover.

Estimates can either be binding, you can’t be asked to pay anything above the estimated amount, or they can be nonbinding, the costs can rise more than the given estimate. In either of the two cases, it is advisable to get a contract in written form.

Many times, the customers are offered more than a single service by the moving companies. The required services can be divided among different companies that offer best possible price, or a single company can be hired for handling the entire move.

Make sure to assert when you are asking questions. In case if the representative of a particular company is not too helpful and friendly over the phone, you can call another company.

Also, make sure that hidden costs are always closely considered. These can include packing materials, packing fees, insurance, disassembling the furniture and beds, storage fees and preparation of the appliances.